THANK YOU for your warm compliments and appreciation for authentic Indian food!
Here are what some of you are saying.


Liz, your first week’s offerings were delicious – we’re stretching them out, nibble by nibble, as long as a human being can! ~Laura


Ms Curry’s consistently delicious fare puts me in mind of my childhood in India, particularly in my grandmothers’ homes. For the first time in many years, I experienced the Kerala beef curry of my memory, a succulent dish of cubed meat leavened with curry leaves and a panoply of spices, not found on any Indian restaurant menu I know of. Her ability to recreate this and other regional dishes, almost never found in restaurants, is a gift, and we are grateful for it. ~ George

“We had the chicken last night – and it was divine – I loved the chutney & yogurt sauce & green sauce. Yummmmmmmy! ~ Heather

“Your food is good medicine. I had a headache all day – and when I had your food for dinner the headache finally dissolved. Craig loved it too! ~ Betsy

The kitcharee is heavenly! (I ate a whole pint) (I was hungry!) (it was sooooooooo good!). I loved the rich textured dal, the delicate raita, and the chutney was such a treat with the perfect rotis. Just want you to know how grateful my husband, Ira, and my son, Michael and I were to dine on your outstanding food fare prior to entering Kol Nidre and our Yom Kippur fast. Ira and I are leaving town next week, in celebration of 25 years of marriage, to go to Rancho La Puerto [check out their website]. After that, I am sure we will order from you again. Namaste. ~ Kay

“Bill and I loved our first Ms. Curry meal! The Chana Dal, Aaloo Baingan, raita, and apple raisin chutney – everything was delicious! We both agreed it was the best Indian food we have ever tasted. Most food we’ve had over the years in Indian restaurants is little too rich and spicy, but yours was light and seasoned perfectly. And we were struck by the luscious creamy textures. It was just first-class! All that plus we didn’t have to face cooking after a long day at the office. What a gift!” ~ Marcia

Just want to add our accolades to the others you are getting. We thoroughly enjoyed your paneer, lentil, and kidney bean dishes with all the trimmings last night. Everything was delicious! Bill and I were impressed again by how gentle your food is – such a dramatic difference from Indian cuisine in restaurants. I was eager to taste your Paneer Tomato Masala, and mmmmmm, it was light and delicately flavored, with soft pillows of cheese. What I’ve had in the past has been so rich and heavy that I’ve stopped ordering it in restaurants. So, thank you again for a wonderful, special treat! Best. ~ Marcia & Bill

We are enjoying this week’s delivery very much. ~ Amy, Pranav and Carter

Your dishes were a huge hit at our Thanksgiving dinner! Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us! ~ Brooke

The kicharee is delicious. I find it an especially comforting breakfast. Thank you. I am called out of town, and if I am unable to return the jars before I leave I will definitely return them early next week. I look forward to tasting different meals. ~ Robin